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astle hotography (Owned by Castle Software Australia Pty Ltd)

Welcome to Castle Photography

(Updated 3rd September 2014)

Photos from Creatures of the Night (Melbourne) are now online. General photos from this event can be found at: First Contact Photos

This site hosts Official Photos with Guests from First Contact Conventions, Armageddon in Australia, and Best of Both Worlds events. Reprints of these photos are available for sale, either online, or you can approach me at any event I attend to get on the spot reprints.

For a number of reasons I've had to split my photo archive into two blocks - official photos for which we must control reprints, and all other images taken at events, which are freely available. If you are interested in all the other photos I've taken at these and other events, you may find my others websites interesting. They include: Pete's Fan Photos, First Contact Photos, and Armageddon Photos

As usual please email me if I spelt your name wrong, or if you can tell me the names of people in any photos.

To contact me, send an email to: . Or ring anytime in the afternoon or evening on (+61 3) 9736 9568

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Gate to the Sanctuary 2

The second combined Sanatuary and Stargate themed event in Melbourne! This time with guests: Jonathon Young (santuary), Jennifer Spence (Stargate Universe) and Ben Browder (Stargate SG-1, Farscape and many others).

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Shock Horror: FullBlood

First Contact Conventions presents their second Horror themed event, this time a TrueBlood event, with guests Tara Buck and Marshall Allman!

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Frazier Hines in Hobart!

First Contact Conventions, in conjunction with the ABC Shop in Hobart brought Frazier Hines to Tasmania. Frazier presented both his Time Travelling Scot show, did a Q&A for fans, signed Autographs and there was an official photo session.

Those of you who had photos taken, please click on the link to the Official Photos, locate your photo and email me at with the photo number, your name and mailing address. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Note that any emais received on or after the 21st Dec won't be mailed until after new year.

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Armageddon Melbourne 2012

Going from strength to strength!

Guests this year included:

Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural), Sebastian Roché (Supernatural), Jim Beaver (Supernatural), Christopher Heyerdahl (Stargate, Supernatural), Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings, Judge Dredd…), Christopher judge (Stargate), George Lazenby (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), Rachel Grant (Die Another Day), Terry Molloy (Dr Who), Nathaniel Buzolic (Vampire Diaries), Finn Jones (Game of Thrones), Miltos Yerolemou (Game of Thrones), Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Carribean, The Cape), Aldis Hodge (Leverage, Supernatural), Bruce Boxleitner (Tron, Babylon 5), Cindy Morgan (Tron, Caddyshack), Bushwhacker luke (Wrestling), Aron Eisenberg (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)

Anime/Comic: Mela Lee, Johnny Yong Bosch , Lex Lang and Sandi Fox , Martin Billany , Susan Eisenberg, Charles Martinet

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OzTrek VIII - Assimilate!

First Contact Conventions presents Oztrek VIII in Melbourne on the 23rd June 2012: Jeri Ryan (Star Trek Voyager) and Manu Intiraymi (Icheb, ST Voyager)

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Shock Horror: The Nightmare Returns!

First Contact Conventions presents their first horror themed event on May 5th 2012, with special guests: Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm St), Ken Sagoes (Elm St 3 & 4), Lisa Wilcox (Elm St 4 & 5), and Australian John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) appearing with the Wolf Creek producer/director Greg Mclean.

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Dr Who: Sergeant at Arms

First Contact Conventions presents Dr Who's Sgt Benton: John Levene in Melbourne on the 24th April 2012.

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OzTrek VII

First Contact Conventions presents Oztrek VII in Melbourne on the 28th January 2012: Walter Koneig (Star Trek original, Babylon 5) and Chase Masterson (Leeta, ST DS9)

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Armageddon Melbourne 2011

The biggest Melbourne Armageddon yet!

Guests Photographed by Booth #1 included: Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary, Stargate SG-1, Atlantis), Robin Dunne (Sanctuary), Agam Darshi (Sanctuary), Robert Picardo (Star Trek Voyager, Stargate), Callum Blue (Smallville, Sanctuary), Lance Guest and Catherine Mary Stewart (The Last Starfighter), The Lone Gunmen from the X-Files, Mark Ryan (voice of Bumblebee in Transformers movies).

You will find general photos of the event at: Armageddon Photos

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OzTrek VI

First Contact Conventions presents Oztrek VI in Melbourne on the 20th August 2011: Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway, ST Voyager) and Tim Russ (Tuvok, ST Voyager), and Leonard Nimoy via Skype!