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Armageddon Adelaide 2011

The FIRST Armageddon in Adelaide (and really, the first major event of this type ever for the South Australian Capital!)

Note: I added some more photos covering the convention as a whole on 10/3/11.

Guests covered here are mainly those covered by Photo Booth #3, plus additional photos taken during the day on request. They included:

Media Guests: Karen Allen (Marion, Indiana Jones movies), John Rhy Davies (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Sliders), Colin Cunningham (Stargate), Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5), David Anders (Heroes, Alias, Vampire Diaries), Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary), Rene O'Connor (Xena), and Hudson Leick (Xena)

Anime: Paul Eiding, Mela Lee, Melodee Spevack, Kyle Hebert

Survivor: Ami Cusack, James Clement

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Official Photos with Guests

These are all the official photos taken at Photo Booth #3 on the weekend. If you want reprints or the images from photos taken at the other booth please contact Armageddon directly.