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Armageddon Melbourne 2007

Guests included:
Alan Tudyk - Serenity / I Robot / Dodgeball / Firefly / A Knights Tale
Joe Flanigan – Stargate Atlantis - SUNDAY ONLY
John Wesley Shipp - The Flash
Connor Trinneer - Star Trek Enterprise / Stargate Atlantis
Chris Rankin – Percy Weasley (Harry Potter films)
Peter Woodward – Babylon 5 Crusade, Charmed
Animation Guests:
Rodger Bumpass - Squidward Tentacles in SpongeBob Squarepants
Andrea Romano – Warner Brothers Animation voice director
Bruce Timm – Producer on Warner Brother’s animation series
Billy West – Voice actor on Futurama, Ren and Stimpy and much more
Neil Kaplan - Optimus Prime on Transformers robots in Disguise
Richard Horvitz – voice actor on Invader Zim and the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy
Rino Romano - Batman on the Batman
Stephanie Sheh – voice actor on Naruto, GunXsword, Eureka Seven, Bleach and much more
Comic Guests:
Amanda Conner – Artist on Terra, Green Arrow wedding, The Pro, JSA Classified
Jimmy Palmiotti – writer on Countdown, Painkiller Jane
Gail Simone – Writer on Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Birds of Prey
Nicola Scott – Artist on Birds of Prey
Wrestling Guests:
Rob Van Dam
Jasmine St Claire
Music Guests:
Bobby Flynn – 2006 Australian Idol star
Monique Brumby - singer

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Official Photos with Guests

Culture Shock Events and I are able to offer reprints of the official photos taken at the weekend.

These are the official photos with Guests taken over the weekend. I've divided them into sections according to day, and guests to minimise the time it takes you to find yours if you are interested in reprints.