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Frazier Hines in Hobart!

First Contact Conventions, in conjunction with the ABC Shop in Hobart brought Frazier Hines to Tasmania. Frazier presented both his Time Travelling Scot show, did a Q&A for fans, signed Autographs and there was an official photo session.

Those of you who had photos taken, please click on the link to the Official Photos, locate your photo and email me at with the photo number, your name and mailing address. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Note that any emais received on or after the 21st Dec won't be mailed until after new year.

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General Event Photos

This is a general collection of photos taken during the day, of Frazier on stage, signing…etc.

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Official Photo with Frazier Hines

If you purchased a photo with Frazier it will be here. Please email me with your photo number, your name and mailing address. The photo will be printed as an 8*10" print, and the watermark won't be present. Note that I've only put thumbnails online - if you want a copy of the original 18MPixel JPG file that is an extra cost.

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Frazier Hines at ABC Radio, Hobart

Some of you may have heard Frazier's interview on the radio. Here are some shots of him at the end of the interview with the ABC presenter.

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Wrest Point Casino

The venue for the convention was Wrest Point Casino in Hobart. I've never been to Tassie before, and unfortunately I didn't get time to see anything other than the inside of the venue or taxis. However I did think the view that greeted me in the morning was pretty nice…